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Mixed Martial Arts

CRA MMA Programmes

MMA Fundamentals

The Novice MMA programme is designed for anyone starting their journey in MMA. It will combine all disciplines of MMA - Striking / Wrestling / Grappling. You will learn the foundations of MMA concentrating on the core techniques of all of the separate disciplines with the ultimate goal of bringing them together to produce an all rounded MMA competitor.

This class is suitable for anyone from aspiring MMA athletes to hobbyists who want an insight to the sport. There will be a fitness element to this class as it is well-known that MMA is a very physically demanding sport.

Intermediate MMA

Our Intermediate MMA programme is for those who are active competitors in the sport. These classes involve lots of live rounds and positional sparring with drills focused toward the individual athlete. Proficiency must be fully demonstrated, ideally with MMA bouts, before participation in this class will be allowed and this decision is purely down to the discretion of the coaches.

 MMA Timetable

What is MMA?

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is a full contact sport which combines elements of many martial arts and sports. Often seen as the most 'free' of today's high-profile combat sports, MMA involves the use of striking and grappling techniques in one comprehensive system. Not just for those who are primarily looking to compete in the sport, our classes are suitable for everyone. Whether you may be simply looking to improve your fitness, lose weight, learn how to defend yourself or just feel like giving yourself a challenge, our coaches will make sure that you are getting the most out of the class and working towards your individual goals. Of course for those looking to go further and compete in the sport, our coaches will ensure that you are progressing in the sport and that you reach a sufficient level of experience and proficiency before you step foot inside the cage. Importantly, we do not push any of our students to compete however we will fully support those who choose to do so!