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No matter what you are going through right now. BJJ and MMA will keep you focused on one activity for at least an hour. It’s very difficult to think about relationships, debt, stress or anything else when the guy you're training with is trying to choke you 🙂 or maybe you're concentrating on choking him? This is all part of the fun.


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From the studies that have been completed we know that physical activity and movement play a massive role in improving mental health. But a large part of this is “challenge”… 


As young adults we were constantly challenged with career, family and growth. Once we’re in our late-twenties or thirties we’ve achieved a lot and the challenge response weakens. What next?? Where do you go from here? What’s exciting now?


I found the answer in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts. It’s challenging, physical, commands you use your brain and gives every student a massive mental boost after training. Here are a few other reasons why BJJ & MMA is the solution….


  • It’s structured to get the most out of each student. We have an excellent fundamental training plan so you’ll know where you’re at and where you’re going throughout the whole program.


  • If you feel your confidence has been knocked then BJJ/MMA is the solution. It gives every student a positively UNFAIR advantage in life and on the street. The chances of being involved in an altercation are small but if it does crop up, you’ll be able to handle it.


  • The system works. It’s been proven over the years in the cage, on the street and in the ring. Jiu Jitsu is the king of martial arts.


  • The academy is local to everyone and one of the largest in Europe. There’s no excuse to not train. If we were miles away then convenience would be a factor in giving up. Now you have no excuse!


  • The overall feeling of the success from the challenge response. You’ll be training with like-minded guys and working out in a supportive and FUN environment.