Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA

CRA Kids BJJ Programmes

Age 3 BJJ

This is the youngest age group that we teach at BJJ. The classes revolve around having fun and becoming comfortable at the academy! Lots of movement exercises and games to help develop co-ordination, balance and motor skills whilst at the same time getting used to stopping and listening to the instructors so that they’re ready for the more structured and more BJJ-focussed classes when they are older.  At 30 minutes this class is just long enough to keep the little ones' brains occupied and send them home happy and excited for the next class!

Ages 4-7 BJJ

A step up from the age 3 class, this class is usually split by age and/or experience so that they receive more attention from the coaches and so that the class is more tailored to the individual student. We consider this to be the beginning of the transition to learning the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu more fully and a bridging class between the younger age groups and the older age groups. There are still plenty of games and rewards but the children in this group are taught a more extensive range of age appropriate techniques and movements. They will grapple under the careful supervision of the coaches and begin to more fully understand the goals, rules and objectives of the sport. When a child is old enough to leave this class and progress to the older group, we are confident that they will able to confidently move in to the older classes with no problems. 

Ages 8+ BJJ

These children are now learning the full sport of BJJ as is applicable to their age group. Again splitting the class by age and/or experience, high energy warm ups, games and drills are mixed with more in depth techniques, live sparring and grappling. Always closely supervised, the children's individual development is monitored as they progress. This is the first age group where our students are required to attend grading days in order to receive belt promotions where they have an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.  We have a very rich history of competition success in these age groups and although competing is not compulsory, we have produced Welsh, British and European champions at junior level. Competition aside, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, comfortable environment so that the our junior members develop in to happy, confident, well rounded youngsters. As the older students in this class progress, we make sure that they will be ready for our adults class when they are ready!

Kids BJJ Timetable

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