*Available to new members only

Novice MMA

Ability Level > Compulsory for New Starters / No Pro MMA Fighters

The Novice MMA programme is designed for anyone starting their journey in MMA. It will combine all disciplines of MMA - Striking / Wrestling / Grappling. You will learn the foundations of MMA concentrating on the core techniques of all of the separate disciplines with the ultimate goal of bringing them together to produce an all rounded MMA competitor.

This class is suitable for anyone from aspiring MMA athletes to hobbyists who want an insight to the sport. There will be a fitness element to this class as it is well known that MMA is a very physically demanding sport.

MMA Sparring

Ability Level > Invitational Only

This an invitational only class and will always be supervised by an experienced coach.

Competition Class

Ability Level > Unavailable to New Starters / All Levels

The competition class at CRA is a high paced class primarily based on sparring and specific pressure testing. This class is open to both gi and submission grapplers and is highly recommended for anyone who takes competing or fighting seriously. There will be plenty to challenge you both physically and mentally, this is an advanced class designed to push you to the limits. Attending this class is only recommend for people who like to push and test their boundaries.

Live Training

Ability Level > ll Levels

Live training is a supervised open mat where students can drill, pressure test or do full rounds of sparring in a safe and controlled environment. There will always be coaches present meaning you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have or potential grab one of your coaches for a roll!