MMA Coaches

CHRIS REES - Head Coach

1st Degree Black Belt

Chris oversees all aspects of the MMA  programme at the academy, all the way from novice to pro. Chris has a small team of Pro MMA fighters he works with most notably UFC Athlete Brett Johns alongside a strong amateur team of young athletes working through the ranks.

ASHLEY WILLIAMS - Competition Class

Black Belt

Sub Grappling and wrestling is a huge aspect of MMA, the competition class led by Coach Ashley can be done both gi and no gi. Providing two of the 3 disciplines required for MMA in an advanced style class where the primary focus is pressure testing and sparing. Ashley has a perfect MMA record holding 3 titles with 3 submission victories and 3 TKOs.

MMA Record

6 - 0 Amateur MMA 


Purple Belt

Coach Aidan works very closely with coach Chris to run a successful Novice programme. He has extensive knowledge within the sport of MMA and is an enthusiast of the sport itself. Aidan has been in the corner many fighters alongside Chris for numerous events and is always looking to add his already vast skill set.

MMA Record

Professional - 1-0 Amateur 13-3 

3 time Amateur British Champion in MMA 

UK representative in the IMMAF world and European Championships 

SCOTT PEDERSON - Novice MMA Assistant

Scotty has fought in K1 / Boxing / Kickboxing and MMA resulting in an impressive record, numerous titles and masses of experience. Scotty has a stand up background and is proficient in all striking disciplines. He is a great asset to both coach Chris and Aidan, providing excellent assistant in the Novice programme.

Notable Achievements / MMA Record

> CageWarriors Lightweight NSACC Champion

> 2 x JKF K1 Champion

> Former Made for the Cage Lightweight NSACC Champion

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