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Have you ever thought of trying out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling or MMA?

Well now's your chance! We are offering unlimited January (train as many times as you like) completely FREE.

We are one of the largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academies in Wales and we've been here in Swansea since 2004! 

Come and and take a look around our amazing facility we have something for everyone...

Fitness suite  -  Sauna  -   Coffee Shop -  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  -  Submission Grappling  -  Mixed Martial Arts  -  Private Tuition  -  Kids  -  Adults


Mark D


"I’m happy to be part of a great club , always a friendly atmosphere. The coaches are outstanding and the training is always interesting and fun.  
Hands down the best place in South Wales to learn BJJ and grappling"


Chris P


"I started training in December 2018 as both my kids were here multiple times a week, so it made sense to join in with them.
At the time I was incredibly unfit and over weight.
Since joining, thanks to the support and training of all the staff, I’ve managed to lose 5st 5lbs in weight and gained the confidence to regularly train and compete in BJJ"


Simon L


"The academy has changed my life. I found new passions in MMA and BJJ. Have made so many new friends in my teammates and it feels like being in a family. I am always astonished at the continuous improvement the academy is making especially during difficult times!"

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