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Taylor Waters

Strength and Conditioning

Taylor is a qualified personal trainer and the current S & Coach at the Chris Rees Academy.
He is a Sports Management Graduate, currently completing his Msc in Sport Science and Studying for a PhD in Exercise Psychology. As a athlete Taylor competed internationally in Alpine Skiing from a young age. Due to lack of funding Taylor retired from Skiing competition and spent time practicing a number of martial arts including BJJ, Submission Grappling, Muay Thai and Kick Boxing. Currently Taylor competes as a Classic Bodybuilder, placing at multiple national qualifiers and competing at the Arnold Classic Barcelona in 2017.
Taylor has long had an interest in Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition and Sports Psychology, and how it can be used to improve sports performance. With a keen interest in BJJ and MMA Taylor is now looking to bring his knowledge, experience and expertise to add a new dimension to the club and help maximize the potential of the athletes at the Chris Rees Academy.

> BA Sports Management
> Msc Sport Science
> PhD Exercise Psychology (Current)
> Level 2 Gym Instructor
> Level 3 Personal Trainer

> British Junior GS Skiing Champion
> Welsh Junior Skiing Champion
> UKBFF Classic Bodybuilding Midlands Champion
> BJJ Blue Belt
> IFBB European Classic Bodybuilding Competitor

Strength and Conditioning

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Timetable - Mon to Thur 11:30am


Ability Level > All Levels

Strength and conditioning plays a key roll in competitive BJJ or MMA. All of the classes will be designed specifically with the sports in mind. The class will last approx. 30min and will be circuit based. Self motivation is a must for these classes, Taylor will keep a good intense atmosphere but it will be down to each individual to complete every last rep.