Kids Coaches

CHRIS REES - Head Coach

1st Degree Black Belt

Chris oversees all CRA KIds classes, working very closely with head coach Ross. Chris has over 15 years experience in teaching and has produced junior champions to Welsh / British and European level. He is very passionate about the kids programmes and believes that the future of BJJ and CRA is in safe hands.


Brown Belt

Head Coach Ross is involved in all areas of the Kids Programme and with help of his assistant coaches leads all of the classes. Ross produces good high quality lesson plans allowing the children to learn and progress at an excellent rate. Having come from a PT background Ross is used to dealing with students and creating structure to produce the best results.

AIDAN JAMES - Kids Coach

Purple Belt

Coach Aidan is Ross' right hand man, helping in all aspects of the kids programmes. He particularly has heavy input with the older age group bringing his wealth of knowledge from his own competing / fighting to inspire the younger generation.

ASHLEY BENDLE - Assistant Kids Coach

Purple Belt

Ashley has been an integral part of the kids programme through its development. Having trained in all of the programmes herself she has a great understanding of what is achievable at each age group. Ashley is currently studying a Degree in sports coaching, specifically the development at younger age groups making her a great coach for the 4/5 and 6/7 years old programme.

BEN MILES - Assistant Kids Coach

Blue Belt

SCOTT PEDERSON - Assistant Kids Coach

Blue Belt

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