BJJ Coaches

CHRIS REES - Intermediate / Advanced

1st Degree Black Belt

Chris coaches both the intermediate and advanced classes alongside coach Ashley. He has over 15 years coaching experience and has produced high level athletes in both MMA and BJJ. He personally invests time into each student, assisting them in the development of their games. 

ASHLEY WILLIAMS - Advanced / Competition Class

Black Belt

Coach Ashley is currently the leading competitor within the academy having won numerous titles, most notably the IBJJF No Gi European championships at Black Belt. For this reason Ashley heads our competition class assuring all of the students that they are training the latest developments within the sport of BJJ. He also coaches the advanced gi classes alongside coach Chris. 

ROSS BARRINGTON - Intermediate / Fundamental

Brown Belt

Becoming a full time coach in 2017 Ross has gained an abundance of experience leading to him being an integral part of both the fundamental and intermediate programmes. Ross is very passionate about coaching and will always work very closely with the students to produce the best learning environment possible. 

JOHN MAFLIN - Intermediate / Fundamental

Brown Belt

John is the most recent to join the coaching team after achieving elite athlete status within the RAF. His main focus is competing at the highest level and winning titles to maintain his elite athlete status. He coaches both the intermediate and fundamental classes with his wealth of knowledge, gained leading the RAF UK BJJ Team.

AIDAN JAMES - Fundamental

Purple Belt

Coach Aidan assists in the fundamental programme when other coaches are unavailable. He is an experienced coach and competitor which comes through clearly in his coaching.

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