CRA Instructors

Chris Rees - 2nd Degree Black Belt - Head Coach / Founder

Chris has been coaching full time for 12 years now and he can honestly say that his passion for being on the mats and sharing knowledge with the students at the academy is as strong as ever. Whether he is playing games with the three year olds class or talking tactics with his elite competitors, he absolutely loves being at the academy. He believe it's important to lead from the front and as such he looks to stay active competitively whenever his schedule allows. 

Notable Achievements

> First Welsh person to achieve the rank of Black Belt in BJJ

> Coach to elite competitors in BJJ and MMA athletes including UFC and EBI athletes

> IBJJF European No Gi Master 1 Silver Medalist Black Belt Medium Heavy

Ashley Williams - 1st Degree Black Belt - Head Coach

Ashley has trained in martial arts from the young age of 4, gaining a black belt in both Japanese Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. At the age of 14 he started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the goal of competing as much as possible. To date he has won over 100 medals winning championships all over UK and Europe. Since achieving his black belt he has made his stamp on the world scene being the first British athlete to be invited to the prestigious EBI. Alongside his busy BJJ schedule he has won three MMA titles and gained a bachelors degree in astro physics from Cardiff University.

Notable Achievements

> 2 x EBI Veteran (135lbs / 145lbs)

> Polaris 7 Veteran (Winner vs Masakazu Imanari)

> IBJJF European NoGi Champion x 2 (brown,black) Feather Weight

> NAGA European Elite Gi and No Gi Champion Feather Weight

> Multiple time IBJJF IO Champion including Paris / Madrid / Gothenburg / Munich / Zurich

> IBJJF Pan American No Gi Silver Medalist Brown Belt Feather Weight

> Ranked #1 IBJJF No Gi Feather Weight 2015

> Achieved the rank of Black belt at 22yrs old

> 6 x British open champion

MMA Record

> 8 - 0 Amateur MMA

> Painpit Feather Weight MMA champ

> Adrenaline Feather Weight MMA champ

> Celtic Fight Nights Feather Weight champ

Ross Barrington - Black Belt - Head Kids Coach / BJJ Fundamentals Coach

Ross began training Brazilian Jiu jitsu in 2010, achieving his black belt in September 2018. After training near enough full time he gained a passion for coaching and became a full time coach in January 2017. His main ambition in BJJ is to continue to coach at CRA.

Notable Achievements

> Welsh open champion (2013 & 2015)

> Amsterdam Pro trials Bronze medalist (2015)

> British Nogi Masters Champion (Brown belt, 2016)

Aidan James - Brown Belt - Head Kids Coach / MMA Coach

From a young age Aidan has been fascinated with martial arts, this started with Shotokan Karate, then progressing through various other stand up martial arts styles ranging from point style Kickboxing to Kung Fu and Boxing. 

At 19 he moved to Swansea and started  training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Chris Rees and Ashley Williams.

He is now a Full-Time coach at the academy allowing him to pursue his passion of competing professionally in MMA.

Notable Achievements

> British Open Blue belt - Featherweight - Silver  

> Kleos Open White - Featherweight - Gold

> BJJ 24/7 Manchester No Gi Elite - Lightweight - Gold

> BJJ 24/7 Liverpool No Gi Elite - Lightweight - Gold

> Welsh Open  White Belt - Featherweight - Gold X 2

> Newquay Open Blue Gi / No Gi - Lightweight - Gold

MMA Record

> Brave MMA athlete

> Professional  3-0 Amateur 13-3 

> 3 time Amateur British Champion in MMA 

> UK representative in the IMMAF world and European Championships  

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