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23rd April Glasgow BJJ Open
24th April Hereford BJJ Open
21st May Welsh BJJ Open
28th May ADCC UK National Championships

frequently asked questions

I am not very fit/flexible/athletic, can I start BJJ?

Yes definitely!  Don’t worry about going to the gym first either!  BJJ is a very specific type of fitness and people will often find it physically taxing even if they are used to working out which is why we do not push anyone beyond their own limits.  You will get fitter, stronger and more flexible by doing BJJ but it takes time and you can expect to be eased in to your training at a pace which suits you.  This means that the training is challenging but limits the risk of injury and most importantly, remains enjoyable.

What do I need to bring?

For you first session all you need to bring along is a bottle of water and wear loose comfortable clothing.  You will be able to borrow a clean washed Gi (training jacket) for you first few lessons and they are then available to buy at the academy.  When you finish training simply drop the Gi jacket into one of the baskets provided and we will take care of it.

Will I be forced/expected to compete?

We are very successful competitively but NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN FORCED TO COMPETE.  If you choose to compete then you will get all the support you need and it is great fun and a great way to test yourself but it is entirely up to you whether you want to.  If you just want to come along and enjoy training in class then that is fine and you can still expect to progress through the grades and learn the same skills as everyone else.  If you want to become a champion then we will do our best to help you get there too.

How often do I need to train?

The minimum payment option we have is for 10 sessions per month as we feel that an average of 2 sessions per week is about the minimum required to progress in BJJ.  Some students are able to train more one week than they can the next, due to work or other commitments and that is fine too.  The key is consistency.  Even if you are able to train a lot then we recommend being careful not to underestimate how taxing BJJ is on the body and to build your training regime up steadily.

What costs are involved?

Once you have chosen which payment option suits you and bought a gi then there are no other hidden costs. We do not charge for any gradings and all seminars etc are optional so there will be no unexpected expenses

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