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23rd April Glasgow BJJ Open
24th April Hereford BJJ Open
21st May Welsh BJJ Open
28th May ADCC UK National Championships

BJJ & MMA class descriptions

Chris Rees BJJ MMA Academy Wales






Adults BJJ

Following the normal structure of warm up, technique, drilling and sparring, these classes are often split by grade and are suitable for all levels of experience.  These classes can be very physically demanding but no one is pushed beyond the limits of their experience or physical capabilities.

Basics BJJ

These classes are open to all levels of experience but are aimed specifically at beginners.  The techniques shown will be basic movements which are essential for anyone starting off their training in BJJ.  There will be pressure testing and specific sparring but again they will be suitable for less experienced students.

Live Training

This is where students get the opportunity to drill, pressure test or free spar to timed rounds.  The main part of the session finishes and those students who stay on then get opportunity to pair up and train as they wish.  No one is required to stay on for the full live training session, the only requirement is that if people choose to stay on then they must use the time to train whether it be going over what they learnt in the session or free sparring, everybody keeps training and getting the most out of their time on the mats.  We generally recommend that students have done 3 - 4 sessions before they stay on for live training.

No Gi

No Gi is essentially the same format as the adults BJJ sessions but is practiced in shorts and rash guard or T shirt which means that some different approaches are necessary to adapt to the lack of grips.  Suitable for all levels, this is the only class in which students are able to train without the gi.

MatRatz BJJ

These are our classes for kids aged 4 - 7.  They are specifically aimed at getting the children used to being on the mats and being comfortable in the class environment.  Through the use of games the children learn the basic moves of BJJ whist improving their balance, coordination and other physical attributes.  The children learn the basic moves of BJJ but they do not learn anything that they can hurt each other with - even accidentally.  We use various reward and incentive schemes and the main aim of the session is that the kids have fun!

CRA Kids

These are the classes for the older age groups.  Although they are on the mats at the same time the children are split by age between 8 - 11 year olds and 12 - 15 year olds.  This allows us to make sure that all of the children are being taught techniques suitable for their age group.  The classes are organised in a more structured and stricter manner than the MatRatz classes but we still make sure that the kids have fun whilst they are learning.  The Wednesday evening class is a kids competition session.  Competing is not compulsory for anyone attending this class but it is a higher paced class and aimed at more experienced kids.

MMA classes

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport which is also fantastic for fitness and self defence. The classes are suitable for all levels each session covers off a different basic skill of MMA for example, wrestling, striking etc. Students can expect to learn techniques, pressure test, and when they are ready, live sparring. There is also a lot of conditioning specific to the sport but once again everyone is only expected to go to their own level. You will get fitter with time and push yourself harder naturally so we do not believe in pushing anyone too hard and risking injury.


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