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23rd April Glasgow BJJ Open
24th April Hereford BJJ Open
21st May Welsh BJJ Open
28th May ADCC UK National Championships

BJJ classes main terms

Chris Rees BJJ MMA Academy Wales


All Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes at the Chris Rees Academy involve some or all of the following, depending on which class you attend.

Warm Up

As the name suggests, getting ready to train using light movements and exercises to prepare you for the class and prevent injury.  A mixture of standard exercises such as jogging etc and more BJJ specific movements which help get you ready specifically for practising the moves and techniques you will learn in the class.


The coach will go through the technique or movement that is being covered in the class, it will usually be split up into bite sized pieces which make it easier to learn and retain.


Repetition is key in learning the moves of BJJ but we believe in keeping it interesting so you will be working with your partner offering varying degrees of resistance, movement etc so that you get a real 'feel' for the techniques you learnt earlier in the class.

Specific Sparring

This is an enjoyable and safe way to pressure test what you have been learning even from the first session.  Paired up with a suitable partner or group of partners, this is an opportunity to test yourself against a fully resisting partner in a controlled way.  Normally on a timed basis with each person taking their turn, this is a great work out and a taster of BJJ live training before you move on to the real thing!

Live Training

After the main session has finished we then move on to live training.  These are timed rounds where you have the opportunity to pair off and either practice techniques, drill, specific spar or free spar (see below).  Although most people stay on for the live training it is not mandatory, so for example if you are short of time or carrying an injury then you are welcome to leave after the main class has finished.

Free Sparring

Free sparring or rolling is what many people find to be the really addictive part of BJJ!  Its basically an opportunity to grapple against a fully resisting opponent where that aim is to beat them using the techniques you have learnt whilst they are trying to do the same to you.  Free sparring is an essential part of progressing in BJJ but no one is 'thrown in at the deep end'.  We will make sure that you have a suitable level of experience before starting free sparring and that you are paired up with a suitable training partner.

All levels BJJ

Open to all levels of experience, these classes are split between experienced and inexperienced students so that everyone is getting taught skills which are relevant to their grade.

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