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23rd April Glasgow BJJ Open
24th April Hereford BJJ Open
21st May Welsh BJJ Open
28th May ADCC UK National Championships

the chris rees academy

The academy has had various homes over the years and as the number of members has grown in size, so has the premises.  In 2014 Chris decided that it was time to move into a larger space and fit it out to be a true flagship HQ for Chris Rees Academy.  The aim was to make the premises a welcoming and professional base for the club so current members would have the best facility possible and prospective members would be greeted with a top class facility in which to start their training.

Facilities at the academy include:

  • Full reception area
  • Comfortable waiting area with children's corner
  • Massage room with fully qualified therapist available by appointment
  • Large covered main matted area with fully sprung floor for extra safety
  • Second training area with covered, double thickness matting
  • Competition cage - for use by the MMA classes
  • Conditioning area with fully qualified personal trainer available by appointment
  • Shower and toilet facilities
  • Separate men's and ladies changing rooms

We are continually looking to improve every aspect of the academy and you can expect the facilities to be improved and extended with time so we look forward to seeing you soon.

Head Coach - Chris rees academy wales


Chris Rees

Chris holds a 1st degree black belt under multiple world champion Braulio Estima and is the highest ranked and most experienced BJJ coach in Wales.  Chris has been a coach under the Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu association for over 10 years and has trained in the grappling arts for 20 years.  He has competed extensively both domestically and internationally in both Gi and No Gi competition including the No Gi Pan Ams (New York), No Gi Europeans (Rome) and at the European BJJ Open in Lisbon on 6 occasions.


Although he still likes to compete as often as possible, Chris focuses primarily on coaching and has been teaching full time for almost 10 years.  A firm believer that BJJ has something for everyone, the academy has students from 4 years of age to 60+, members who just train for fitness through to full time athletes with legitimate world rankings and world champions, everybody will receive the same welcome and thorough approach required to progress.


Chris teaches full time at the Swansea academy whilst over seeing the affiliate academies and is available for 1:1s, group sessions and seminars covering BJJ, No Gi and Mixed Martial Arts.



Ashley Williams

Ash is a Black belt under Chris Rees and is a long time student of the Academy, starting as a young teenager and progressing through the junior ranks into the adult grades before beginning to assist with classes and then eventually becoming a talented full time coach in his own right.  Ashley received his black belt from Braulio Estima on the 17th May 2015 at the age of 22 and is currently the UK's youngest black belt.


Ash has travelled extensively to compete and has cemented his place as a truly world class competitor.  He is the current IBJJF No Gi Champion (Black, feather 2016), Naga Elite Champion and multiple IBJJF IO Gi and No Gi Champion.


Ash has shared the mats with many of the elite BJJ players currently training and this experience combined with his ability, have turned him in to not only a great competitor but also a truly innovative coach.  Ash has experience teaching all ages and shares the academy belief that there is something for everyone regardless of age or natural ability and his enthusiastic and friendly approach allows him to bring the best out of his students.


Ash teaches full time at the Swansea Academy and is available for 1:1s, group sessions and seminars covering BJJ and submission grappling. 


Ashley is a sponsored athlete some of his sponsors include Tatami Fightwear, Harris Miller and Harries Watkins Jones Chartered Accountants.

coach - cardiff


Rob Taylor

Rob runs the Cardiff academy and several classes in the surrounding area. Awarded his black belt in 2013 by Braulio Estima, Rob has been teaching full time for several years in various CRA locations before becoming based full time in Cardiff.


An experienced competitor, Rob has medalled at numerous competitions at both British and European level although his personal emphasis is now on coaching. He is in high demand for 1:1 sessions and often travels to teach seminars outside of the CRA network.


Rob teaches full time at the Cardiff Academy and is available for 1:1s, group sessions and seminars covering BJJ and No Gi grappling


coach - CRA West


Stu Tyrie

Stu runs a full time academy based in Pembroke Dock and is responsible for the affiliated clubs in Carmarthen, Lampeter, Aberystwyth and Cardigan.


A 4 tag Purple belt under Chris, Stu has competed extensively in both Brazilian Ju Jitsu and as a professional mixed martial artist.  His extensive experience is reinforced by training on a one to one basis with Chris at the Swansea academy so he is in touch with the latest advancements in the sport.  Stuart has many years coaching experience and is also a qualified person trainer.


The Pembroke Dock academy is a full time BJJ and MMA academy with matted area and facilities for MMA and conditioning training.  Stuart can answer any queries on CRA West Wales and point any prospective students in the direction of their nearest class.


Stuart is available for 1:1s in BJJ, MMA and conditioning .

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